About The Egghead Empath

Growing up, Emille was a handful! He once took apart the doorknobs in his house as well his first telescope.  (Much to his mother's dismay). But his curiosity insisted he not just know how something worked, but WHY it worked.  His astute mom stoked that natural inclination by focusing him on books and a his love of reading persists today.  Meanwhile his father taught him how to find joy from the outdoors, during summers filled with camping and fishing with his extended family.

Books became his passion, especially comic books.  Visions of greatness aren't just for kids, though.  He decided to leave home at the tender age of 17 and attend the Air Force Academy.  After graduating as a second lieutenant and learning the trade of Aircraft Maintenance, Emille led award-winning units throughout his decorated career.  

After 24 years in uniform, Emille left the Air Force.  He worked for Fortune 500 companies, government entities and small businesses.  But his real passion is helping others become their best, regardless of the venue.  And he found out his favorite accessory is a whiteboard!  He pours his heart and soul into listening and the whiteboard acts like a huge helping ear.

Emille authored and published Start With A Sparkle, a book on leadership and motivation.  He also wrote and published an online course on innovation, Awaken to Brazen Creativity.  He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now resides in the Washington DC area.  You will find him reading, biking, running or watching sci-fi.