Launch Day!

Family and Friends,

I was sequestered for months working on this project.  It was a labor of great love, for I had a vision that I needed to bring forth.  This project was all-consuming, I quit my job to work on it.  And the result is just my greatest joy since writing my book, Start With A Sparkle. 

Awaken to Brazen Creativity is my flag in the soil proclaiming it is time for revolution.  America needs every mind, every talent to come forth and be great.  We can't wait for someone else to build it, to invent it, to innovate it.  We must look square in the mirror and say, it is time to get moving!  Below, you'll see the words from my launch on social media and I couldn't be happier!  Read on and know that the revolution has begun, welcome to Brazen Creativity!

Best wishes to you Brazen Creatives, see you soon!



Brazen:  bold, without shame, fearless, unrepentant

Creativity:  use of the imagination or original ideas, a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed
Today, I launch a revolution in thought, my first online learning course: Awaken to Brazen Creativity! 

Every day, I see a changing world, thriving with opportunities, problems to solve, people to help, teeming with possibility.  And I wanted to be on the vanguard of innovation.  I waited for my employers to tap into what I had to offer:  nothing!  I waited for someone, anyone to ask me my opinion on how to fix the issues I can see:  nothing!  I got so tired of waiting for someone to tap into my creativity, I said, "Forget it!  I'll do it myself!"  I bypassed the carefully rehearsed excuses that limited my thinking and created something truly life-changing. 

I invite you to join me in learning about Brazen Creativity by taking my first lesson in my course Awaken to Brazen Creativity for free!  Join me in this thought revolution, where unrepentant thinkers form something new and valuable forms every day!

Your journey begins with 3 steps:

STEP ONE | To sign-up for the free lesson, visit:

STEP TWO | After completion of the free lesson, check your email inbox for a special offer from me. You will receive an email introduction to "Awaken to Brazen Creativity" and a coupon code for 90% off the registration fee.

STEP THREE | To register for "Awaken to Brazen Creativity" course, visit: and enter the coupon code when you checkout.

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Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy