Problem Solving

To solve any problem, Emille's first step is to listen.  He listens using his most valuable tool, the whiteboard, to explore infinite possibilities. By learning  about your concerns, anxieties, pride and potential, Emille digs into the root cause--what's really keeping you up at night.  Active, intent listening is the key to an unfolding process that ends with your problem solved.  Because Emille researches deeply before every engagement, expect a rich rapport to open up your creativity to begin building an amazing roadmap to success!

Features of Emille's Renowned Problem Solving Sessions

  • Motivational Listening
  • Instruction and Enthusiasm
  • Struggle and Frustration (yes, that's right, I said it)
  • Laughter, Insight and Self-Awareness
  • Actual Progress
  • A goal that will push you to become your absolute best!